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Tour Coach & Seating

Seat Numbers
Your seat number will be assigned to you by one of our staff when you board your tour coach. Seats are allocated according to when you book so book early if you wish to sit towards the front. Please remember front seats are always popular and will book up quickly. You can reserve front seats subject to availability by booking Premier Seats.

Premiere Seats
If you want to sit at the front of the coach in the first or second row you can book our Premiere Seats and will show on the tour availability page if available. A surcharge is payable. Premiere seats apply to your main tour coach and not to any feeder coach / service. Please note that on some coaches legroom on the front row seats have limited legroom due to the presence of a modesty board in front.
If we are unable to provide you with your premiere seats - for example if your tour is merged or for any reason premiere seats are no longer available - we will refund to you the amount paid for your premiere seats. No other compensation will be payable.

Seat Belts
With your comfort and safety as a priority and in line with current Irish, UK & European law we ask that all passengers use seatbelts where they are fitted.

Food On Coaches
In the interest of fellow passengers please do not take hot food or ice-cream onto the coach.

Due to legislation smoking is no longer allowed on board the coach. However for those who smoke we normally include plenty of stops in your tour itinerary so that your inconvenience will be minimised.