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Hotels And Accommodation

Hotel Grades
All accommodation grades given on this website and in the PAB Tours brochure are as supplied to us by the hotel concerned. Normally a hotel is graded by the local tourist board and are correct at the time our brochure goes to print. It should be noted that hotel grades requirements may vary internationally. For example a 4 star hotel in Italy may differ considerably from a 4 star hotel in Spain or the UK. It may be necessary to substitute hotels of similar grade. This rarely happens but we will inform you about such changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Hotel Facilities
On each tour page you will find information and pictures describing the hotel. Please note that some of the facilities at your hotel may incur an additional charge eg mini bar, spa treatments, film rental etc which can be paid locally directly to the hotel. Description of facilities is given for guidance only and no gaurantee can be made of availability during your stay eg we cannot gaurantee that space will be available in a hotel spa facility or operatio of mini-bar. Such facilities operate entirely at the discretion of the hotel.

On most of the tours offered on this website and in our brochure we include full breakfast each day together with evening meal each evening. Where meals are included thay are generally of the set menu variety and will be consistant with the hotels group meal menu plan. The menu will normally be simple in style and it is kept simple in order to keep the overall cost of the tour as low as possible. On each tour we will highlight what we include in the tour price, breakfast, dinner, if any entrance fees are included or visits. Local dishes and cooking methods will predominate in countries outside Ireland and you may be asked to select your evening meal in advance, depending on hotel.

European Hotel Meals
Most European hotels offer a set meal with limited alternative choices. Meals will normally be local dishes whch may differ from those normally taken in Ireland. For example in Italy, pasta / rice may be offered in place of potatoes and breakfast may be a continental breakfast. It is not unusual for tea to not be taken as hot as it is in Ireland and for evening meals tea / coffee are generally not included with evening meals but may be available to purchase locally. Whilst we do advise hoteliers of our customers preferences, when travelling abroad we must respect the way food and beverages are served and prepared in different contries and cultures. For those with special dietary requirements we will forward your request to the hotel however the selection and choice of available foor matching your requirement may be limited.