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Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming into effect on 25th May 2018, we are obliged to obtain and be able to prove ‘freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous’ consent in order to collect and process personal data. We’re taking action towards compliance, and we believe that the GDPR is an opportunity for us to send better, more relevant communications to our community.

What Data is collected by PAB Travel & Tours?

In making a booking with PAB Travel & Tours we will normally collect your name, address, Eircode phone numbers, email address. We will ask for your Eircode in order to ensure the accuracy of your postal address as over 35% of Irish postal addresses are not unique and we will use the Eircode as a means to remove your address from marketing should you wish.

We will also collect the names and ages of any passengers travelling with you including children together with any other relevant information required for making your holiday reservation. In making your booking you will be asked if you wish to opt out of marketing

We normally send a free copy of our brochure to clients that have travelled with us the previous year. If you do not wish to receive a free brochure you can opt out when making your booking or at any time.

If you are buying travel insurance you will be required to declare any pre existing medical condition to the insurance company for their acceptance. For visa applications and air travel we may ask for a copy of your passport. For car hire reservations we may ask for a copy of your driving licence

For payments made by credit card we will process your card details directly through our credit card terminal supplied by Global Payments - we will not retain the card number other than the last 4 digits for reference. For payments made by credit card over the telephone we will ask for your full credit card number, expiry date and cvn number. This information will only be used for that transaction and then destroyed. Payments made through our website are securely procedd by Global Payments and your card details are never stored on our website. If we are required to process a refund to your credit card we may require that you provide us with the card number again.

If you request a brochure from us by phone, email or through our website we will use your name and postal address and Eircode in order to post it to you. Your address will not be used again unless you opt in to receive marketing or make a booking with us, at which time you will have the option to choose to receive marketing information or not

If you are travelling by ship outside of Ireland, we will be required to pass on to the shipping company your first & last name, gender, nationality, date of birth, contact number and any special needs as advised. This is in accordance with EU directives details of which can be found here : EU Directive 2017/2019

How is your data processed?

We will use your data to book your chosen holiday. This may involve sharing such details as your name, age with the relevant carrier such as airlines or shipping companies or hotels. We will not pass your personal data on to any other non related third parties, other than those relevant to your holiday, without your consent.

We will store your data securely on our servers, taking all reasonable precautions against access by unauthorised third parties. If you opt in to marketing we will store you data using the email marketing system Mailchimp that operates in the US and is fully GDPR compliant.

Bookings made on our website will be stored on our web servers hosted by and Digital Trip and the data will be stored in a password protected databased with restricted access.

How long will your data be stored by PAB Trvel and Tours

We will store your personal details that relates to bookings that have been made only for as long as legally required. Information such as copies of drivers licence or passport will be destroyed within 6 months of your return date from travel. You can opt out of email marketing at any time by using the link provided on every marketing email that we send or by contacting us by email or in writing. Given the nature of non unique Irish postal addresses we may ask for your Eircode in order to opt you out of postal marketing or invoice number of your last booking with us.

Requests For Removal Of Personal Data

You may request your personal data to be removed from our servers by writing to the

Data Protection Controller, PAB Travel & Tours, 53 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1
or by email to

We will remove any data we hold on you which is not legally required for the processing of any current bookings which you may have with us. Your email address will be marked as opted out of our email marketing system. Your postal address will be removed from our postal marketing however if your Eircode has not been provided by you at the time of making your booking or requesting a brochure then we cannot guarantee the removal of your address from our marketing system as 35% or Irish postal addresses are not unique.

This policy applies to all bookings made with PAB Travel & Tours together with requests for information or brochure requests. The policy will be reviewed from time to time as necessary in order to ensure that we a fully compliant with GDPR legislation.